- Mom

Very Fine South designs explore the harmony of style and function. We build our products to last and grow more beautiful with age and wear, combining ordinary materials to make extraordinary products. Each one is hand crafted to the highest standards for consistent quality and exact finishing.  We measure twice, and cut once.

Our wares are made entirely in our Atlanta studio: from cutting, sewing and waxing, to finishing leather and hammering rivets. We do this so every detail is exactly how we like it.  From the raw materials, to the finished product.


Our process begins with a need or inspiration. When designing our products, we start with a classic piece and break it down to it’s raw materials.  We then build our products back using only what’s essential. We aim to keep design simple and sophisticated. The materials we use also inspire us. We design to showcase the beauty of the material the product is made of and how it ages and patinas.



We believe in producing high quality goods in limited batches with artisanal qualities. Our designs are influenced by daily use.  The attention we give to every product allows us to adjust as we go to improve form and function.  If something isn’t fitting our vision, we correct midstream and alter our patterns and process.  This gives our products an undeniably high quality. The style and sustainability is evident in every detail.


All of our leather is sourced carefully for high quality and unique style.  Countless hours are spent hand selecting each hide to ensure it is soft and luxurious enough to carry against our skin every day, as well as durable enough to withstand the continuous use we hope you give your piece.


We hand dye our canvas to achieve the unique and vivid hues that are used to create many of our wares.  Our dyeing process is non toxic, and results in a soft and luxurious color-fast fabric.  So go ahead, set your bag in the sunlight.  It won't fade.


Our waxed bags and accessories are made from our hand dyed canvas, and waxed by hand with 100% beeswax.  We love this method we've perfected to create waxed goods of unique (and custom!) colors.  We've combined the practicality and durability of waxed canvas with style and sophistication.   Best of all, there are no petroleum based products used.  It's just our colorful cotton canvases, and pure, unbleached beeswax.