Due Date

No matter your life's calling, life is full of lists, to-do’s, deadlines, and…well, more lists to make that next deadline seem doable.  And if you’re a parent, add in the phrase “due date” and all of the aforementioned become a fire drill.  Everything must get done before the DUE DATE.

We were so excited to learn in the fall of 2015 that our party of three was going to become four.  Business was happening fast and furious, and we were heading into a holiday season that was busier than we ever imagined possible.  Producing hundreds of bags during the first trimester was challenging, but invigorating. The new life force was motivating, and was also helping me coordinate the “master plan” to keep momentum flowing through maternity leave.  The master plan that included a colorful new line of bags, a nursery equally as vibrant...but not 5 weeks in the hospital on bedrest.  Until 24 weeks into the pregnancy, my doctor discovered reasons to be concerned that the baby would arrive much earlier than ideal, and a routine check up landed me in a hospital bed for over a month. Tough news for a mama who runs a busy business, has a six year old, and most importantly wanted more than anything to expand our family with a healthy baby.  My husband and parents came swiftly to the rescue to hold down the house, and ideas of the master plan began to crack at the seams.

a love like no other  photo by:  Genya O'Neall

a love like no other

photo by: Genya O'Neall

In an effort to keep my hands busy and mind quiet, my hospital room quickly filled with rope and yarn I ordered from my hospital room (thank you, Amazon prime).  All of the colorful sketches of my spring/summer line were being woven into crocheted bags, and additions to the baby nursery.  My son visited daily.  He helped me sew things for the baby, and we made pom poms together on my hospital bed while watching TV.  With his visits, and weekend sleepovers, five weeks passed quicker than expected.  My five weeks went from worried and sad to let go of my creative goals, to grateful for every day the baby had to grow and become stronger.

The colorful story of the latest collection evolved through those weeks of creation.  Creation of bags, a baby’s room, and one really amazing baby.  Inspired by the days I spent crocheting an array of fibers on my hospital bed, the soft cotton rope brings new texture alongside the leather.  The colorful rainbows a reflection of the joy that is on the other side of the patience to weather dark clouds that were beyond my control.  All of the bags made useful for any stylish mama with kids in tow.

On April 12, I happily returned home to my family, springtime, and the best night of sleep ever in my own bed.  Bedrest was carried out on my sofa, and a chaise on our back deck. While the latest collection came a year later than originally planned, everything arrived right on time.  Including William Callan born on June 7, his due date. 

A mobile of pom poms handmade by a loving brother and me.

A mobile of pom poms handmade by a loving brother and me.

Before you cross the street
Take my hand
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy

-John Lennon